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Automatic Sleeve Label Applicator Machine :
-Model : SVM-G100


  1. Our Main construction of the machine made from Stainless Steel AISI304, other parts made from hard anodizing aluminum that has high wearing resistance.
  2. Sleeve label applied on products automatically through linear line system.
  3. The machine can apply sleeve label on glass , plastic , PET , PE and metal products.
  4. The machine can apply both PET and PVC sleeve labels.
  5. The machine can work on sleeve labels with thickness from 35 to 80 µm
  6. Except for mechanical adjustments, all the machine can be controlled automatically through PLC system (OMRON).
  7. The machine can be controlled through LCD touchscreen monitor (OMRON).
  8. With range 40mm to 300 mm the length of the products can be adjust by moving the main block upwards and downwards automatically.
  9. The rotary cutting system working with Servo motor using cutting blades.
  10. The rotary cutting system can be easily assembled and disassembled also the speed of the blades can be controlled through the monitor.
  11. Our machine can work on Product´s diameters with range from Ø40 mm to Ø150 mm with suitable equipments ( guide and blades´ box ) you can change easily between the products by changing the related equipments.
  12. The servo motors (OMRON R88 model with moiton control specification) used to drive the sleeve label pulling system , the shooting system and the rotary cutting system with total number 4 pcs. of servo motors.
  13. With sleeve label´s tension system the label can be cutted accurately.
  14. The roll of the sleeve label can be changed fastly.
  15. The parameters and setting for different types of products can be saved on the memory of the PLC system.
  16. At the entrance of the machine when there is no product the machine automatically enter the standby mode.
  17. The chain of the conveyors made from INOX (model 82.50 mm)
  18. Adjustable side barriers to control the motion of the products.
  19. The emergency stop button can be found on the machine main panel in a reachable place.
  20. Safety switch sensors to stop the machines if the doors opened.
  21. All the sensors are ZICK brand
  22. The machine contains 2  gear reducer motors
  23. CE certificated
  24. Total power: 3 Kw


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Model Item Diameter (mm) Energy consumption Voltage Dimensions (cm) Weight
SVM-G100 Ø40-Ø150 3 KW 380 v -3PH 185x100x225-255 600 Kg
SVM-G200 Ø40-Ø180 3 KW 380 v -3PH 185x100x225-255 600 Kg


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